Taking Photo of Jewelry is a very special moment for me.

    Drawing, Designing, Crafting, Photoshooting, Sending to you, All in one hand.
    When I reach this stage, finally jewelry pieces are ready to head to journey to you. 

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  • When I started craft Jewelry in Tokyo 1990, I borrowed my friend's attic. After I moved to UK my workshop was always garage with tiny heater. Surrounded with tools and gas torch my hands were freezing but  always full of fun with passion . Once I moved to Hong Kong before set Pixelry, I started making rings from made room and kitchen in my small flat. Nothing can stop to make me jewelry. I was proud to say I am crafting in my kitchen ! Now finally  I can set tiny workshop in center of Hong Kong crafting pixelry's jewelry. Anytime everywhere I can make space for creation.

    I found how wonderful the life is as long as I can make my little nest for creation.

    Week day I craft Pixelry's collection and I love share time in my workshop with my students of Pixelry box in weekend. If you visited to Hong Kong, you are always welcome to come to my workshop and craft jewelry together;)

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