Custom Jewelry Design Process

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We design custom jewelry pieces at Pixelry. Below we have outlined our custom jewelry process.

1. First session - Design Sessions
We meet with you to discuss your new piece of jewelry. We talk about the size, volume and type of metal. If you have an image of another piece of jewelry which has inspired you please bring it along to the design session. We will also discuss your budget. We ask for a deposit to proceed to the next phase.

2. Second session - Review proposed design
We will draft a rough drawing of the proposed design of the jewelry. This design will be submitted to you and then we will meet again to discuss and to refine the design.

3. Third session - Design rendering
We confirm the design by creating a rendering of the new piece of jewelry. If there are any further modification we will make them at this point. The rendering is used for manufacture.

4. Creation

During this phase we create your new piece of jewelry. Once it is ready you are invite to try it on. We will further refine the size if need be. Final payment is then required at this point.

This process usually takes about 4-6weeks to finalize depending on the complexity and number of items to be design.

Please contact us for a consultation.