Christmas gift idears?

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Pixelry has unique approach for Christmas gift as jeweler.

Of course we are very happy designing and makeing jewelry for you but not only that! Don't you think sometime you want to involve little bit more???

We make Jewelry together -  If you have an idear what you like to ware or love  craft , We teach and help designing & making simple jewelry for you. So you can create your own jewelry exist only one in a world with professional help.

  How about putting a list of Christmas gift option for this year -  jewelry craft fun with Japanese jeweler at workshop in Hong Kong? 

" Draw & Craft with Pixelry " Jewelry fun making start from 500HKD up to 2800HKD  tickets in this price only sell for Christmas time 2016 you can use till end of 2017.

For detail Please contact us, We have tons of idears ;)

We do kids craft for little hands,We did snowman project in 2014 to make stars and trees in silver ;) 

Please check our FB page. We show few jewelries and works of begginer craftman joined at Pixelry box (Our studio in sheung wan)

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Ruriko Ito